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Welcome to Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm’s website catalog!
For those who are not familiar with our daylily nursery, we’re located in the Lafayette, Indiana area, not far from the Boilermaker campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette. We are a Mom & Pop daylily nursery selling, growing and hybridizing with our very own introductions and new hybrid seedlings along with other popular intro's since the mid-1990's here at Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm.

We would like to thank all our daylily customers over the years for their purchases and warm friendly comments about our daylily farm. Each year we plan to add more newly hybridized daylilies for sale or display within our landscaped gardens for future exclusive daylily offerings! Check out a sampling of our registrations and newest hybridized daylily seedlings pictured here within the website.

History of Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm: Growing daylilies in Lafayette Indiana is a hobby Brad Best began in the fall of 1994. Since that beginning, Brad’s daylily hobby grew beyond that of the average gardener with over an acre of landscaped daylilies. In the summer of 2001, after seven years in a “growing” hobby, Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm was founded. To this day, the daylilies still remain as a hobby and a way of meeting good people! Today, Brad shares his daylily hobby with his wife Natasha & two sons Alexander and Aaron - as well as everyone driving by Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm.

Our hybridizing program: At Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm, we display daylilies from some of the most popular hybridized daylilies on the market. Our hybridized daylilies are comprised of the newest and most cutting-edge genetics from daylily hybridizers such as: Paul Downie Jr., Pat & Grace Stamile, Bob Carr, Jack Carpenter and John Kinnebrew just to name a few. Thru our own hybridizing efforts daylilies such as MICHAEL'S SWORD (Best ‘05) and JESUS AROSE (Best ‘05) have paved the way for some of the most unique hybrid daylily forms growing in the midwest region. Currently, our hybridizing efforts are focused primarily on the newest and most cutting edge "consistent" NEW AGE DAYLILY form: "FORKED-BEARDED DAYLILIES" or 'TRUE BEARDING' as we've defined consistency (see the link on our mainpage to our article: "Bearded forms: A New Age in Daylilies"). Other hybridizing efforts include a continuing pursuit of new colorations with defined golden “pie-crust ruffled daylilies that are hardy and thrive in our northern climate zone.

Benefits of visiting our nursery includes: opportunities to view plant habits of daylilies growing in “clump” form. Our mother clumps (each about 10-20 fans) allow customers the chance to view a daylily, once it reaches a good mature size for display. Plant habit such as height, bloom size, color and form are also distinguished within a good mother clump. Therefore, our customers may feel confident they have chosen the right daylilies for their landscaping needs. Visitors also get to enjoy explosions of color radiating throughout our gardens along with the wonderful fragrances of daylilies! Local customers and out-of-town visitors may visit "by appointment only" during peak bloom season (late June/early July) and check out our newest hybrid daylilies on display within our hillside gardens.

Remember, peak blooming when all our mid-season daylilies are in bloom starts about July 4th! KABOOM!!!

Sincerely, Brad, Natasha, Alexander & Aaron Best

Notes to remember: The daylily, sometimes simply referred to as “Lily or Lillies” and commonly spelled “Day lily or Daylilly” is a perennial with a defined meaning in Asian culture that means: “to forget all sorrows.” With true faith and love in our Lord Jesus Christ, our tears are wiped away.

(ISAIAH 25:8) “The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces.”

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2950 Harding Rd.
Lafayette, IN 47905
Phone: (765) 296-4697
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