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Heart of David
Highland Lord
Indy Miner's Gold
James Allen
Jane Tison
Jeri Gomez seedling
Jerry Nettles
Karol Emmerick seedling
Key To My Heart
King of Hearts
Kyle's Light
Lavender Blue Baby
(Dip) (Display)
Lavender Blue Baby
(Tet) (Display)
Little Sensation
Little Wild Flower
Lori Goldstein
Mildred Mitchell
Milk Chocolate
Miss Jessie
Morrie Otte
Mountain Violet
Night Beacon
Night Embers
Northern Giant
Old Orange Double
Pamela Williams
Paper Butterfly
Paper Clouds
Pixie Parasol
Posie Patch
Pure & Simple
Rasberry Red
Renagade Ranger
Rose Masterpiece
Sherbert & Cherries
Siloam Ury Winniford
Something Wonderful
Stargate Portal
Strawberry Fields Forever
Sweet Sugar Candy
Thanks A Bunch
Visual Intrigue
White Perfection
Windsor Tan
Wolf Eyes
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