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Lillian Pearl Snyder: named after our grandmother ‘Pearl’ - mother of eight children, grandmother of 21 grandchildren, great grand mother of 26 great grand children and great great grandmother of one great great granddaughter. Grandma always enjoyed Christmas, holidays and family gatherings with so many wonderful grandchildren over the years. Like her mother Estella, Grandma also loved flowers. They were very much a part of her life, over the years (it runs in the family).

God blessed my Grandma and my Great Grandmother Estella, with 93 years, to be with family and friends. That blessing of life and longevity is one of many blessings we’ll always remember and be thankful of within our family. Glad we had one last moment of time together before saying good-bye. May you rest in peace Grandma. - Love, Brad, Natasha & Alexander