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Kyle’s Light: named after Carl "Kyle" William Light IV, the beloved son of Carl “Jake” and Jane (Kyle) Light. We were touched when we heard a heart-warming story about Kyle. Jane retold a story about how Kyle’s heart reached out to an elderly blind woman in need one-day. As per the story below, a reader’s heart can’t help but learn and know Kyle‘s Light: - One evening, Kyle described to his parents, with heart felt sympathy, about a chance encounter, with a blind woman. The elderly woman was desperately trying to find her way, out of a local mall, to the bus stop. She was becoming stressed and worried when Kyle noticed her. No one else acknowledged the blind lady needing help but Kyle. Kyle’s heart felt for the woman as he offered a helping hand, taking her by the arm and assisting her, to the bus stop. The blind black woman said to him as they reached the bus stop, to “wait,” that she wanted to give him something for his deed . As she stuck her hand into her purse, Kyle replied, “you better not pull anything out of your purse but a hug.” The woman smiled and did just that. Kyle was in an auto accident seven days later caused by icy road conditions and died five days later after the car crash. He was only seventeen.

A part of KYLE’S LIGHT will always be kept as a memorial flower here within our gardens and will remain as a cherished memorial daylily for years to come. Kyle’s special flower is one of the brightest of white daylilies we’ve ever grown..