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Memorial Daylily Offer: Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm is now offering customers ‘Memorial Daylilies.’ Select a daylily in remembrance of a loved one who helped bring smiles, love, happiness and peace into this world. Within this offer, daylily seedlings and names are chosen by customers, with our assistance and then registered with the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS). Once a seedling is selected, we will begin the registration process and provide all necessary plant habit data to AHS for the official registration approval needed. The registration process usually takes about 2-4 weeks. With each Memorial Daylily Offer purchase, one will receive total plant increase of a newly pre-selected hybrid seedling along with all (AHS) documentation for the given memorial daylily name approved.

Hybridizing for quality and distinctive daylilies: Every season, at Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm, we hybridize with some of the newest and most cutting-edge daylilies on the market. Hybridizing for new daylilies involves a substantial investment for the serious hybridizer. Most of our newest hybridizing breeding stock ranges in cost from $150 to $500/single flower. Thus, the cost and overall investment for creating a single new hybrid seedling involves costs ranging from about $300 to over $1,000 in breeding stock to produce quality daylilies. A good hybridizing program also requires countless hours of early morning ventures into the gardens, each season, for hybridizing and documentation of present/past hybridizing efforts.

Only select quality daylily seedlings, with good healthy plant habit, are offered and named for AHS registration. Check out our ‘Seedlings Area’ within our website for examples of daylily seedlings available for ‘Memorial’ daylily registration. You may also stop out and visit our nursery during OPEN GARDEN visitation (see open hours for more info) to witness at a distance over a thousand new hybrid seedlings and some blooming for the first time ever!

Like snowflakes, each new daylily hybrid seedling is unique and like no other in the world. For those who are unfamiliar with daylilies and how they grow: daylilies are perennial flowers that increase in number (usually doubling or tripling each year) and bloom each summer filling the summer months with color, fragrance & happiness lasting for generations. Total cost for the Memorial Daylily offer:including daylily registration, plant increase and documentation, is $777.00 (plus Indiana sales tax for Indiana residents and shipping costs).