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Alexandr Karyakin: - named after Natasha’s father ‘Alexandr’ - a man we love and miss dearly. Alexandr (Sasha) was born and raised in Siberia, Russia. Both his mother’s (German) and father’s (Russian) families grew up in a time of challenge and hardship in the Soviet Russia era. Alexandr was a man of great compassion and patience. He was a master in the game of chess and loved horticulture, as per his degree and studies in agriculture. Alexandr also gave us several tips for hybridizing the elusive “blue” daylily which helped reinforce hybridizing theories of my own.

Alexandr passed away during the summer of June in 2002, just weeks before Natasha and I were married. Later the following year, the Lord blessed our family with a healthy baby boy. We proudly named our son ’Alexander’ - after Natasha’s father. Thank you God for caring for our family and giving us so many wonderful blessings thru the years.

Although our time is so short in this world, it’s comforting to know, thru God’s love and grace, we may all be together eternally once again. (John 3:16)