Creating natural low maintenance landscapes is our goal!

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Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm- founded 2001 by Brad Best

Family owned and operated in Lafayette Indiana

BEST LAWNS is locally owned and operated performing Landscape Management services in Lafayette, Indiana as well as the surrounding Tippecanoe County area. Quality, dedication and dependability are the foundation of our business services. For decades we have offered commercial and residential services throughout the Lafayette community.

Brad Best, owner and operator of BEST-LAWNS acquired his grounds maintenance and business roots, while graduating with a Bachelor of Science Business degree at Purdue University and growing up on a farm in the rural community of Buck Creek, Indiana. Brad performed Lawn Care and Landscaping services for commercial and residential accounts before, during and after his graduation from Purdue. Experience with the most extreme hazards of snow and ice removal began during the blizzards of 1977-78. First introduction to lawn care maintenance was with a 1940’s push-behind reel-mower in the late 1960’s. Timing and safety with both lawn and snow removal techniques were lessons well learned from those never forgotten years ago. Thanks to those who gave disciplined guidance over the years BEST-LAWNS is indeed one of the “best” lawn maintenance contractors in the Lafayette area today! We live up to our name with dependability and trust you can count on! References available upon request.

Services we offer:
BEST LAWNS provides a spectrum of landscape management services. We’re pleased to offer our customers quality lawn care, landscaping, turf installation and snow removal services. Dependable resources allow us to deliver quality products and services throughout the year.

Call us for a free estimate today and...
BEST LAWNS will help you save quality time throughout the year! We’ll make those afternoons and weekends last longer for you and your family after a hard week’s work. And when it snows, we’ll handle the unexpected hazards of winter snow and ice 24/7. Let us do your grounds maintenance - you’ll be glad you made the call and your family will thank you too!

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2950 Harding Rd
Lafayette, IN 47905
(765) 296-4697

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2950 Harding Rd.
Lafayette, IN 47905
Phone: (765) 296-4697
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