Got a vintage - antique curved glass greenhouse for sale?

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Vintage greenhouse - salvage antique greenhouse parts wanted!

At Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm, we are giving consideration to any vintage / antique greenhouse available for sale or salvage in the continental United States. We’re primarily looking for vintage / antique Lord & Burnham greenhouses, William Lutton greenhouse V-bars, Pierson U-bar greenhouse company, King greenhouses or any vintage greenhouse manufactured from the Victorian era for parts or total salvage. Various vintage antique greenhouse parts are wanted and will be needed for the future growth of our greenhouse and daylily hybridizing program.

We've now “committed ourselves” to this challenging vintage greenhouse restoration endeavor. We are in the early stages of designing and building our first vintage greenhouse as we continue growing with daylilies! Building a vintage greenhouse has been a personal goal ever since we began growing and hybridizing daylilies in the mid-1990's. Our farmstead home was built in 1886 and we've opted to do the monumental task of recreating a late 1800's/early 1900's vintage greenhouse, made of glass, wood, cast iron and galvanized metal for the sake of keeping the charm and originality of our vintage homestead property.

Currently, we are now in the beginning phase process of acquiring cypress & red wood sash bars as well as greenhouse glass panes and hardware for a vintage wood and/or U-bar greenhouse (vintage V-bar greenhouse parts wanted too!). And there are several other additional vintage greenhouse materials needed: greenhouse ventilators and cast iron spare parts (ventilator gears/brackets etc.) required to complete this antique greenhouse restoration project. Lots of additional spare parts will also be needed for the maintenance and future growth potential of our greenhouse design.

If you know of a vintage Lord and Burnham greenhouse or any other vintage manufactured greenhouses available for sale or salvage please contact us at (765) 296-4697 or email us at: We'd also be glad to pay a finder's fee, or offer a generous amount of free daylilies, for any good/potential vintage greenhouse or greenhouse parts find. We can dismantle, remove and haul away any standing or dismantled greenhouse as needed regardless of location in the USA. We appreciate your help with this important search for the future of our hybridizing program and purpose - thanks so much!

- Brad & Natasha Best

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PIERSON U-bar greenhouse company ad;
promoted in the March 1914 issue of "COUNTRY LIFE IN AMERICA" magazine.