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Little Susie Q: - named after my mother (Susie-Q). Mom always got nicknamed and referred to as “Susie Q” ever since I can remember growing up as a child. My dad loved calling mom Susie Q and of course, it has stuck to this day. Mom’s nickname was one of those things that made me laugh and smile as a child every time dad called her “Susie Q.”

Our LITTLE SUSIE Q is a small/dwarf daylily and grows with an unusually vibrant coloration of mauve with a glowing bright lavender-purple eye zone. The colors within this flower remind me of some of the lipstick colors mom used to have when we were kids. You know, the lipstick colors that were so much better to use for coloring books than those hard wax crayons. Of course mom had a different opinion and the last say on that matter!