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Little Black Bear: - named after our loving and charming ‘Little Bear.’ Little Bear was our darling 7 lb. black ball-of-fur Pomeranian dog we love and cherished. He was always full of energy and enthusiasm as he pranced around the yard smiling at the world. Little Bear loved browsing thru the daylilies during mid-summer’s blooming. On early mornings when the dew was out, he would accompany us during our hybridizing efforts in the gardens - soaked with dew & smiling all the way. Although Little Bear is no longer with us, this special daylily now blooms where he rests, within the gardens, and stands as both a memorial and happy reminder of how thankful we are for God’s precious little creatures that brighten our daily lives. Like the “Red fern” we have ‘LITTLE BLACK BEAR’ growing in memory of a very special and loving pet, AKA: Little-Grizzly-Bear-Best.