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Current/Previous Introductions

At Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm we are pleased to announce the introduction of our newest daylily registrations! Daylilies created by God and grown here at Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm. After several years of hybridizing and patience, we have collected thousands of daylily seeds for opportunities of growing, naming and registration of new daylily hybrids. Many of our new daylily seedlings are showing great promise for future registration and introduction. Only our best daylilies with strong plant habits and unique blooming characteristics are chosen for daylily registration with the American Hemerocallis Society. Spring 2005 marked the first year of formal introduction for hybrid seedling registrations created and grown at Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm.

Plant habit information on all intro’s is based upon how our daylilies perform here in central Indiana. Several of our introductions have pollen and/or pod parents with southern origin. Therefore, we anticipate much higher bud counts and re-blooming potentials for our introductions in southern regions. Our region of the country gives us the best of both worlds in climate conditions testing daylilies for northern hardiness and bloom substance against heat. Indiana experiences the harsh cold winters of most northern areas with wind chilling temperatures sometimes as low as -20 to -50 degrees below zero. On the other hand, during spring and summer, we also experience extreme humidity with heat conditions similar to the south with our mid-summer temperatures reaching 90-100F degrees. Rest assured, when ordering new introductions from Rainbow Hill Daylily Farm, you will receive hardy, state inspected daylilies, that will thrive in most all regions of the country.

Current/Previous list of Introductions are as follow:

(Pending spring Intro’s including - future FORKED-BEARDED daylily releases )

Dorothy Hale (2010)
Heart of David (2006)
Sun and Shield (2006)
Michael’s Sword (registered: 2005) - sold out
Paradise of God (2006)
Jesus Arose (2005)
God's First Rainbow (2005)
Thoughtful Prayers (2005)
Heavenly Sunset (2005)
Eternal Life (2005)
And God Said (2005)
Pieta (2005)

1998-2003 Seedlings
2004-2007 Seedlings
2008-2010 Seedlings (update pending)

(We have several new hybrid seedlings awaiting introduction for 2011 - check back soon!)

Please understand quantities are limited on some of our current/previous introductions and are available on a first come first serve basis. Place your orders early to reserve your daylilies ahead of time to avoid disappointment. A list of substitutions would be helpful when ordering. However, no substitutions will be made without your permission. Going forward each year we plan to introduce more and more daylilies! Keep checking in on us at: each fall in October to see our most recent introductions!

All Current/Previous Introduction daylilies are individually priced and are sold as single fan divisions (*excludes MICHAEL‘S SWORD - currently sold-out & not available; display only). Collections are priced as group by year of introduction. We offer a 20% discount for an entire collection. If buying part of our introductions and/or regular stock daylilies, we will include a bonus of approximately 20% of your order (no extra bonus offering on collections). Bonus daylilies of our choice are selected from our daylily inventory. For more information regarding general sales information, nursery location and business hours, please refer to the main page and go to the link labeled "Sales-Hours-Maps-Info."

***The names we have chosen for our daylily registrations reflect the joy and thankfulness to the Lord for His Blessings upon this work. We hope that they serve you and yours as a constant reminder of His good works in all our lives. If you have questions or need more information about our hybrid daylilies, please feel free to contact us! Thank you!