JESUS AROSE:     (BEST 2005) TET seedling #52-3-00 (SPACECOAST STARBURST X ABSOLUTE TREASURE) 35Ē, M, Sev, 6Ē with extended blooming, 4-5-way branching and bud counts up to 33 buds. Even higher bud counts are anticipated in the growing regions of the southern states. JESUS AROSE has a beautiful rose coloration that gradually transforms by afternoon into a stunning dusty-rose enhancing itís darker rose band as it maintains strong substance throughout the day into the evening. The incredible pie-crust ruffled edges, inherited from both parents, along with itís golden wire edges, makes JESUS AROSE rise above the rest! It outperforms itís parents based on comparative plant habits here in Indiana, making it a must have daylily for overall presentation and longer lasting blooms! Like itís sib, PIETA, JESUS AROSE does not rebloom for us here in central Indiana. It's likely it may perform like itís parents by reblooming in southern regions of the United States. Fertile both ways. A daylily named for our Lord Christ Jesus with a tearful thanks for His sacrifice for mankind, A-men.

$207.00 per large single fan division