HEAVENLY SUNSET:    (BEST 2005) TET seedling #55-3-1 (AT FIRST BLUSH X SPACECOAST STARBURST) 31, M, Sev, 5 with 3-way branching and bud counts up to 17 buds. A very vibrant colored daylily that likes to show-off it's contrasting rose-pink border against it's tangerine pie-crust ruffled edges. A stunning color combination for a color edged daylily without an eye! On some days, the rose-pink border on HEAVENLY SUNSET likes to stretch even further into the light peach petals illuminating the bloom like a beautiful mid-summer sunset! A surprising daylily with colors that have various intensities depending on the weather at hand. Fertile both ways. Please note, our photo shown of HEAVENLY SUNSET was taken before we started spraying for leaf steak in 2003. Currently, we are spraying for leaf streak with "Heritage" which is also a preventative against rust. We have not experienced rust in our nursery, but always quarantine and spray any southern plants purchased for our hybridizing program. In our northern part of Indiana, rust cannot "over-winter" like it does in the southern regions of the country.

$177.00 per large single fan division