GODíS FIRST RAINBOW:    (BEST 2005) TET seedling #7777777-1 (SPACECOAST STARBURST X ROSE MASTERPIECE) 31Ē, M, Dor, 5.75Ē with 3 way branching and up to 15 buds. This daylily is a real show-stopper! Each season, GODíS FIRST RAINBOW promises us sparkling golden pie-crust ruffled edges! It has a rare coloration that glows with shimmering diamond dusted rose-pink petals and rose edged yellow sepals. A truly unique layering effect of both yellow & rose colors accented with a very intense yellow-green throat that extends far onto the petals like a chartruese eye! The rose-pink edges on this daylily's yellow sepals really makes one take a second look! Fertile both ways.

$177.00 per large single fan division