PIETA:    (BEST 2005) TET seedling #54-1-3 (SPACECOAST STARBURST X ABSOLUTE TREASURE) 35”, M, Sev, 6” with 3-way branching and bud counts up to 17 buds. PIETA has a deep velvety rose-red coloration with incredible pie-crust ruffled edges adopted from both parents! A daylily with heavy substance and recurved blooming. Fertile both ways. Our PIETA is named after the famous sculpture of Michelangelo Buonarroti. Still in its original place in Saint Peter's Basilica, Michelangelo's "Pieta" is a marble sculpture showing the virgin Mary seated, with a look of resignation, as she holds Jesus in her lap after the crucifixion. Many regard the Pieta as the greatest work of sculpture ever created. Like elements of Michelagelo’s sculpture, our PIETA has sculpted-like ruffles draping around it’s edges with rose-red color that further symbolizes the sacrifice and blood that Jesus Christ gave and shed for our sins.

A special thanks to Pat Stamile, (hybridizer of ABSOLUTE TREASURE) John Kinnebrew (hybridizer of SPACECOAST STARBURST) and all other hybridizers for their wonderful flowers in our hybridizing program!

$177.00 per large single fan division