AND GOD SAID:    (BEST 2005) DIP seedling #T-7777777 (NAGASAKI X UNKNOWN) 30” M, Sev, 5.5” 90% double with 2-3 way branching and bud count at 19-22 buds. This daylily’s name was inspired by the book of Genesis; as per chapter one: “And God Said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” The light is necessary for making God’s creative works visible and all life possible. This daylily really helps to make other daylilies become even more visible and really adds life to any flower garden! AND GOD SAID is a light-yellow 90%+ double blooming daylily with diamond dusted blooms performing especially well in our mid-west/northern region. AND GOD SAID normally shows even more petaloids like a beautiful yellow rose! Fertile both ways.

$77.00 per large single fan division