DOROTHY HALE (BEST 2010) Seedling #98-07, (JESUS AROSE X JERRY NETTLES) Tetraploid, 27 scapes, 4.5 inch blooms, mid-season blooming with 24 buds. Pink self with well defined golden pie-crusted edges. Both pod/pollen fertile.

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"Dorothy Hale"

DOROTHY HALE is the best example of pie-crusting Ive ever seen growing hardy and vigorous in our mid-west zone 5 region. Our daylily DOROTHY HALE is named after an avid daylily enthusiast from Lufkin, Texas. Dorothy herself has been involved with daylilies for over 38 years. Her favorite saying is: "If there's bare soil, there's room for a daylily." Dorothy Hale has been a member of the Lufkin Daylily Society for 28 years and served as President in 2007. Each year Dorothy gives numerous presentations on growing daylilies to local garden clubs. Her daylilies multiply and double up very quickly with her tender loving care. One of her greatest joys in life is introducing and mentoring a new gardener to growing daylilies. Her collection of daylilies was up to about 300 daylilies until the introduction of DOROTHY HALE. Now she has 301 daylilies! Well Dorothy, this ones especially for you - enjoy!

$200.00 per large single fan division